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This site is meant to give you a glimpse into what Depths Photography LLC does. Below are some photos that highlight Depths Photography's concert portfolio.

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Did you know this?

Zach Davis, Owner/Executive Creative Director, of Depths Photography LLC had cancer from age 19 to 23 and he wrote this blog below during his second stem cell transplant. Enjoy!


Depths Photography LLC is Zach James Davis. Based out of Phoenix, AZ Depths Photography focuses on portrait, event, urban photography. With a main focus in videography.

Zach started Depths Photography with one goal, to capture great photographs (and now, videos). Armed with a small digital camera and an eye for what he wanted, Zach started shooting portrait photos to build his portfolio. After he gained exposure from his first photoshoot, his friends at State Bicycle Company (http://www.statebicycle.com/) were in need of some great photos of their fixed gear bikes. After mass exposure courtesy of State Bicycle Co. posting photos on their facebook Zach moved on to event photography. A local band called The Brix hired Zach for an amp endorsement photoshoot of Mahalo Amplifiers. Shoot took place at Scottsdale Studios in Scottsdale, Arizona. The Brix, impressed with the Mahalo Amp endorsement photoshoot, invited Zach to photograph UFest, a music festival hosted by 98 KUPD which gained Zach mass exposure in the music community. Zach was then invited by the Phoenix Suns to shoot court side. Excited and ready to try something new, Zach added a new department to Depths Photography LLC, videography. Currently Zach is working with his church (Desert Breeze Community Church) created fresh, clean designs and videos. Most recently Zach was Director of Photography for the short film Sock it To Me. With jobs lining up left and right, Zach is open to new and exciting photography jobs that you might have for him.

All photos posted on this website were captured by Executive Creative Director of Depths Photography LLC, Zach Davis

All videos posted on this website were captured, arranged, and edited by Executive Creative Director of Depths Photography LLC, Zach Davis

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